This Isn't Your Typical ADL Guide

Never Worry About Your Treatment Plan or Documentation Again!

Imagine a Guide That Will Take All of the Guesswork Out of Planning Treatments and Documenting Them


  • Have you ever struggled with coming up with new ways to help improve your patients performance with ADLs?

  • Do you find yourself doing the actual ADL with them for multiple sessions but despite your cues and assistance the progress is slow?

  • Do you not use specific activities because you are unsure how to document them?

  • Do you have trouble showing your skill when you are working on a particular ADL for an extended period of time?

"Just bought the ADL guide, and immediately accepted the offer to purchase balance guide too! Didn't even hesitate to add that on. WOW these are amazing! I honestly could cry, I'm so excited to have treatment ideas at my fingertips that are SPECIFIC ADLs and addressing different components of tasks. It's really nice to have it organized this way, as opposed to a long list of random treatment ideas that are hard to understand how they relate to specific functional goals or when to use them."

This Isn't Your Typical ADL Guide

In this guide you will find new treatment ideas to help you address your ADL goals.  

We broke down the guide by type of ADL (dressing, toileting, self-feeding, etc). Then under each category we listed skills required and preparatory treatment ideas.  We did this so you can improve your skilled treatment and documentation with ADL's.

Have Easy to Implement Ideas At Your Fingertips

With this guide you won't be struggling anymore! We have found a way to show skilled care and progress patients to a decreased assistance level.  

Instead of repeating the same ADL each session, our guide will help you to address the required skills with unique activities.

"I'm in OT school. I've heard that students from my school aren't as prepared in coming up with specific activities, it's only talked about in a general sense (ex "work on balance.") I'm trying to get a head start and wanted to say thank you for making learning easy!"

What's Included

Skills Required For Each ADL

Preparatory Treatment Ideas

Tips For Documenting ADL's

Assisted Equipment Recommendations


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