Make Your Treatments and Documentation Easy

Never Worry About Your Treatment Plan or Documentation Again!

What If You Never Had to Worry About a Treatment Program or Documentation Again? 


  • Would you like ideas to progress or downgrade your patients with balance activities?

  • Would you like documentation tips for each exercise to show your skill?

  • Do you want new balance activities to do with your patients?

  • How about a list of phrases that can be used to show your skill?

  • Would knowing what goal a balance activity is working on be helpful?

Introducing the All Inclusive Balance Guide

And Yes It's For PT's and OT's!!!

"I am so happy I ordered your balance guide, not only did it give me different ideas to try but it also improved my documentation!"

Everything You Need To Work On Balance Will Be In One Spot


In this guide you will have everything you need to provide the most skilled balance activities for your patients.


You will never have to worry about what to do with your patients again.


You no longer will have to avoid doing a certain activity because you don't know how to document it.


You will save hours of documentation time!

Have Easy to Implement Balance Treatments At Your Fingertips


This guide will also be consistently updated with new activities and ways to show skilled care and you will receive all upgrades!


We take all of your suggestions and feedback to keep this guide fresh and resourceful.


"I love every single information in the study guides. I had purchased the balance and ADL guides during fieldwork rotation and I would get a lot of {compliments} from my daily notes and treatments. It helped me land a Job there before I graduated. Thank you both for your hard work. I really love being a noteninja member."

What's Included

Balance Activity Ideas

Upgrades/Downgrades of Each Activity

OT vs PT Goals

Tips For Documenting

Functional Balance Activity Ideas

Linking Activities to a Goal

Balance Guide


Yes I Want to Make My Treatments and Documentation Easy!

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