How to Provide Evidence-Based Treatments and Efficiently Document without the Stress!


Introducing the Most Comprehensive Treatment and Documentation Resource for PT's and OT's

The Note Ninja Membership!

  • Do you feel stuck with how to progress your treatment program after you have been seeing your patient for a long period of time?
  • Do you stare at a blank screen trying to figure out how you can make this note look different then the last note?
  • Do you avoid specific activities because you are unsure how to document them?

  • Do you feel like you are spending all your "free time" finishing your notes?

  • Do you find yourself just going through the motions some days?

  • Do you want to be more creative with your treatment sessions?

  • Do you want to include more evidenced-based research into your treatments?

  • Do you want to feel passionate about your career again and avoid burnout?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone and you do not have to continue working like this.

It is time to find the help and answers you have been searching for.


If You Ignore These Problems, It Will Only Get Harder


As therapists, we often ignore the way we feel since we are so focused on helping others.

We tell ourselves that things will get better eventually...

We will research interventions over the weekend...

We will come up with a system to make documentation easier on our own...

But then life gets in the way and we make excuses to put our work-life-balance on hold.

What happens next?

We start to lose their passion because we are not seeing the improvements in patients we know they are capable of making.

We start to get frustrated for the amount of documentation we have to do.

We begin to regret the time and money it took to get our degree because we feel that "the system" is taking away the real patient care.

And this then overflows into our personal life.

We don't get to see our friends or family as often as we would like.

We feel guilty about not spending quality time with our significant other and kids.

It begins to take a toll on our mental and physical health.

Sound familiar? We were here before...


But it Does Not Have to Be Like This


You Can Change the Scenario


You Do Not Have to Live with Burnout


We Can Help You Keep Your Passion for Therapy and Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance!

We have been there. We were frustrated with the increased productivity demands leaving us with less time to research evidence-based treatments.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of documentation we had to do and how to make it skilled.

We took lots of continuing education courses to come up with new ideas and keep us motivated. But none of the resources or continuing education classes really provided us with what we were really looking for. 

We left feeling like we needed more. How were we going to put the information we needed into practice? And then how do we document these activities? We felt lost and frustrated!

And that's what led us to creating The Note Ninjas.

  • We began to write templates to make our documentation quicker.
  • We started developing lists of different diagnoses and impairments with ways to address them.
  • We came up with a system to implement evidence-based strategies taught in continuing education courses, working them into everyday treatments.

And then we began sharing our tools on social media.

We could not have imagined the overwhelming enthusiasm for what we came up with.

The need for this was astonishing.

We are all in the same boat...we all desire to help our patients achieve their goals.  However, the rest of what we have to do has led to burn out in the past.  

Our mission is to help other therapists, feel like they are really making a difference in their patient's lives while also achieving a healthy work-life balance for themselves.

We put all of our tools into one place with the Note Ninja Membership.

It has taken us years to compile all of this information. But we are not going to stop here! We will be adding to the Membership library monthly!


The Note Ninjas Membership

Join Today to Provide Patient-Centered Activities with Documentation Examples to Improve Your Patient Care AND Allow You to Find a Healthy Work-Life Balance!

"I've been an OT for 10 years and I was definitely feeling a bit burned out lately. I came across your page and it reminded me of when I stated out, eager and wanting to make a positive impact on people's lives. Thank you for reigniting that new grad OT spark in this old salty therapist! You guys are doing a great job, love all the treatment ideas but especially how to document skill behind it!"

This is the Membership you Need

With the Note Ninja Membership, you will have all the content you could ever want as a therapist!

Imagine never having to think of new activities to do with your patients again.

Imagine having access to videos demonstrating exactly how to perform an activity with written examples of how to document it.

Imagine having evidence-based research right at your fingertips.

Just imagine how much more you will love your career and how much extra time you will have!

It's Time to Make Patient-Centered Treatment Fun and Documentation Easy!

With the Note Ninja Membership, you will receive:

  • Videos
  • Evidence-based treatments and strategies
  • Printable pocket guides
  • Quick tips and templates
  • Written documentation examples
  • Goal writing tips
  • New treatment ideas and activities
  • Specific areas of interest including dementia, Parkinson's, stroke and vestibular rehab


What are you waiting for? 


"I love everything about The Note Ninjas. The blogs with relevant links, the tips for notes, goals, what and how to write stuff to justify our reasons for being therapists. Keep it all coming!"

Features of the Membership


Specific Areas of Treatment Including Dementia and Vestibular

Quick Tips and Templates

Continually Added Treatments and Activities

Printable Pocket Guides

Examples of Documentation

Goal Writing Tips

Evidence-Based Research

What's Included

  • ADL content including dressing, toileting, bathing, and self-feeding
  • Sitting and standing balance activities
  • Vestibular strategies 
  • Stroke strategies including neurologic neglect and sensory reintegration 
  • Dementia strategies including incontinence and toileting, spaced retrieval, 90-second rule and quick tips
  • Parkinson's strategies and interventions
  • IADL treatments for home management
  • Upper extremity dysfunctions, deformities and injuries
  • Therapeutic exercise including choosing intensity, reps and sets. As well as strengthening of ankle, foot, hip, core, shoulder and elbow
  • Ambulation/functional mobility on level surface and stairs
  • Fine motor coordination activities
  • Knee arthritis
  • Copy and paste documentation templates
  • Pocket Guides to document any activity, checklist for history of present illness, skilled care basics, prior level of function and CPT codes
  • Resources
  • Bonus section with a Q&A and information on skilled maintenance therapy

All Sections Have Videos, Evidence-Based Articles, Exercises/Activities and Sample Documentation!

We Add to This Monthly with YOUR Recommendations. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Note Ninja Membership?

It is a comprehensive library with your needs in mind.  The membership will contain everything you need to make skilled treatment and documentation patient-centered, quick and easy.  We designed a unique system to provide all the information you need in an easy to access membership.


What will the membership include?

  • Videos on specific treatments, strategies, scenarios and more!
  • Pocket guides and downloadable PDFs to provide you with quick tip sheets and resources on the go
  • Downloadable PDFs with copy and paste documentation
  • Evidence-based research to support treatment techniques and strategies
  • Exclusive Note Ninja content not included on our blog
  • All new information and resources monthly
  • A bonus section with interactive Q & A


Who is the Note Ninja Membership for? 

It is for all PT’s, OT’s, PTA’s, OTA’s and students. Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned therapist, this membership is beneficial to therapists of any experience level.


How is the Note Ninja Membership different then everything else out there?

  • VIDEOS! We include tons of short, easy to watch videos to demonstrate activities, therapeutic techniques and strategies
  • All the information you need without the fluff. You don't need to watch an hour long video to get to the information you need
  • New information added monthly on topics our members request
  • Evidence-based exercises and activities we find and organize for you from research articles
  • Sample documentation for all exercises/activities you can copy and paste and modify to fit your patient
  • Pocket guides and downloadable PDFs for easy access
  • Quick tips and templates you can use IMMEDIATELY so you can stop stressing about documentation
  • A complete library dedicated to skilled care tips, treatment ideas, and documentation


How can I access my membership?

You will be able to access directly through our website.  All you need is a username and password to login.  You will also be able to access the membership through an app on your phone.


What's the difference between a monthly and a yearly membership?

If you subscribe to our annual membership, you will receive 2 months completely free!  This is a huge savings.  You will receive the same content in either subscription method you choose.  Please note, monthly memberships are billed each month.  You can cancel at anytime and will have access until the end of your billing cycle.


What Will the Note Ninja Membership do for me?

  • Allow you to enjoy your career the way you imagined when you went into PT/OT
  • Give you the opportunity to treat your patients using evidence-based research without doing the research yourself
  • Provide you with access to a huge library of exercises/activities you can do with your patients without running out of ideas
  • Give you back your time by having document samples you can use for every exercise/activity
  • Give you the tools you need to manage a healthy work-life balance so you can be the friend/parent/sister/brother/partner you always wanted to be
  • Make you stand out at your job with your amazing use of evidence-based research and documentation skills
  • Give you a unique talking point for raises and promotions due to your ability to have high reimbursement rates


Will there be new content each month?

Yes! There will be new content every month.  We will also update our library throughout the month so you always have something to look forward to.  You will be added to an exclusive email list, which will provide you with previews of upcoming content as well.


What content should I expect to see when I sign in?

  • ADL video content
    • UB and LB dressing techniques
    • Toileting treatment activities
    • Self-feeding treatment activities
    • Bathing
  • New balance activities with videos
    • Standing balance
    • Sitting balance
    • Kettlebell series
    • Advanced stepping
  • Vestibular
    • Videos on balance activities using vestibular strategies
  • Dementia
    • Videos of scenarios featuring evidence-based strategies and interventions
    • Incontinence and toileting 
    • Spaced retrieval
    • 90-Second rule
    • Quick tips
  • Stroke
    • Neurologic neglect strategies
    • Sensory reintegration
  • Parkinson's 
    • Evidence-based strategies
    • Interventions for PT's and OT's
  • IADL's
    • Home Management preparatory activities
  • Upper Extremity
    • Dysfunctions, Deformities and Injuries
  • Copy and Paste Documentation Templates
    • Balance
    • Ambulation
    • ADLS's
    • Sit to stand transfers
  • Pocket Guides
    • Tips to Documenting Any Activity
    • Checklists
    • Prior level of function
    • History of present illness
  • Resources
    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Useful Links
  • Bonus 
    • Q & A section
    • Justifying Skilled Maintenance


And New Sections and Information Added Monthly! Let Us Know What You Want to See, and We Will Work on Adding It!


Always Keep Your Passion For Therapy

Let us help you with the time consuming research and most dreaded documentation so you can concentrate on what you love about therapy. Focus on helping your patients become STRONGER, INDEPENDENT, and CONFIDENT. Avoid burn out and find a healthier work-life balance

Per Month


Yes I Want to Make My Treatments Easier!




3 FREE Months


Yes! I Would Love 3 Free Months!

Just imagine Sheila walks into your clinic. Sheila is a patient with Parkinson’s that you have been treating for over 15 visits. All of a sudden you become anxious about what to do with her that day.

You have been facilitating all of your regular Parkinson’s treatments, however, you feel like she isn't progressing the way you thought she would. You know Sheila is still benefiting from skilled care. However, you are wondering if there is something new you could try with her.

And forget about the documentation. You are running out of ways to document your skill and are beginning to stress that her insurance company is not going to reimburse her treatments for much longer.

Then a lightbulb goes on and you sign into The Note Ninja Membership library. You scroll to the section on Parkinson’s or really even balance, strengthening or whatever you are working on and discover new patient-centered, evidence-based ideas.

Maybe you never tried putting a TheraBand around Sheila’s waist while ambulating and think that would be a great idea. And not only do you have a new treatment for the day but you have an article you can reference in your notes to show your skill as well as samples of how you can document it!

Because you used the tools included in The Note Ninja Membership, Sheila has improved just in time for a new progress note. You didn't have to worry about how to justify continuing therapy with Sheila. 

You feel that sense of passion in your career reignite all because YOU were able to help her. And you didn’t spend more of your “free time” stressing about how to continue to show your skill in your documentation.

Now imagine if this scenario happened with 2, 5, or 10 more of your patients. Just think how much better your treatments and outcomes will be.

And what will that do for you? Keep or bring back that spark and passion?

Remind you of why you came into this career?

Allow you to get your work done to enjoy your personal time and time with your friends and family? 

Wouldn't that be worth it?


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