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ADL Treatment Guide

We have broken our ADL guide down into sections: lower body dressing, toileting, etc
Under each section, we list:
  • Skills required
  • Preparatory treatment ideas (multiple ideas!)
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Tips for treating and documenting ADLS
  • Sample documentation
  • Additional Resources
  • Recommended continuing education courses
  • Recommended outcome measures

Transfer Treatment Guide

Our Transfer guide is broken down by section based on type of transfer (sit to stand, stand pivot, etc)
Under each section we list:
  • Skills required
  • Preparatory treatment ideas
  • Instruction for activity
  • Progressions
  • Cues to provide to show skill with any transfer
  • Ways to document and show progress
  • Evidenced based research
  • Examples of assessment statements
  • Sample documentation for PT and OT

Balance Treatment Guide

  • Balance treatment ideas
  • Progressions
  • Downgrades
  • Cues to provide
  • Documentation tips
  • Pictures of activities
  • PT vs OT goals 

Functional Assessment Treatment Guide

  • Numerous PT and OT assessments
  • Skills required for the functional assessment
  • The PT and OT goals that relate to that functional assessment
  • Activities that specifically enhance your functional assessment/outcome measures
  • Sample cues for each activity
  • Sample documentation for each activity
  • Considerations for progression
  • Education you could be providing and how to document it
  • Evidence based research supporting your treatments
  • Apps that can enhance your treatment sessions

Bundle and Save 25% on All 4 Treatment Guides!


(Normally $49.97 each)

  • ADL Treatment Guide
  • Transfer Treatment Guide
  • Balance Treatment Guide
  • Functional Assessment Treatment Guide
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