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Never Have to Worry About Treatments and Documentation Again with The Note Ninjas ADL, Transfer, Balance and Functional Assessment Treatment Guides!

ADL Treatment Guide

We have broken our ADL guide down into sections: lower body dressing, toileting, etc
Under each section, we list:
  • Skills required
  • Preparatory treatment ideas (multiple ideas!)
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Tips for treating and documenting ADLS
  • Sample documentation
  • Additional Resources
  • Recommended continuing education courses
  • Recommended outcome measures

Transfer Treatment Guide

Our Transfer guide is broken down by section based on type of transfer (sit to stand, stand pivot, etc)
Under each section we list:
  • Skills required
  • Preparatory treatment ideas
  • Instruction for activity
  • Progressions
  • Cues to provide to show skill with any transfer
  • Ways to document and show progress
  • Evidenced based research
  • Examples of assessment statements
  • Sample documentation for PT and OT

Balance Treatment Guide

  • Balance treatment ideas
  • Progressions
  • Downgrades
  • Cues to provide
  • Documentation tips
  • Pictures of activities
  • PT vs OT goals 

Functional Assessment Treatment Guide

  • Numerous PT and OT assessments
  • Skills required for the functional assessment
  • The PT and OT goals that relate to that functional assessment
  • Activities that specifically enhance your functional assessment/outcome measures
  • Sample cues for each activity
  • Sample documentation for each activity
  • Considerations for progression
  • Education you could be providing and how to document it
  • Evidence based research supporting your treatments
  • Apps that can enhance your treatment sessions

Bundle and Save 25% on All 4 Treatment Guides!!!!!


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  • ADL Treatment Guide
  • Transfer Treatment Guide
  • Balance Treatment Guide
  • Functional Assessment Treatment Guide
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